Scammers FAQ

Q: What is the purpose of this board?
A: There are two reasons for this board. The first is to compile a known database of scammers and scams to help protect the UO community. Here we want people that have been scammed, and have factual information to submit, to have a place where they can chronicle what occurred in order to help other people in the community.The second, and more compelling reason reason for this site is so that at some point this information can be provided to the proper personal at OSI in order that actions may be taken.

Q: What is a scam?
A: A scam for purposes of this site includes anything not envisioned as normal activity by the games creators. This includes, but is not limited to, x-shard theft, bug related theft of gold or merchandise, housing theft, and many others. It does not include those activities that are within the boundaries of the game mechanics such as, simple backpack theft, PKing, etc.

Q: What types of posts are encouraged on this board?
A:We would like to see clearly written events of a scam that happened to you personally, not your friends or anyone else. The facts of how the scam took place, and the participants. You will need to post proof that the scam happened. ICQ Logs, Emails or what ever relevant information you have. NEVER post any phone numbers or address on this board or ANYwhere else on Tradespot.

Q: What types of posts are prohibited on this board?
A: First any areas normally prohibited by Tradespot TOS are not allowed. Undocumented flames for the purpose of causing injury. Accounts naming someone without evidence of a scam, or details are of no use. Anything considered in bad taste or derogatory.

Q: If Ive been scammed what other actions should I take besides posting here?
A: You need to contact Lady Decadence on ICQ or email with the same information and be sure to include your ICQ Number if you use email.