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TradeSpot Broker List

Reminder: Only contact TradeSpot Brokers through the ICQ listed HERE.

I. About Brokering:

3rd party transfers are a service offered by a few player groups involved in Ultima Online. This is a way to securely transfer items, houses, property, and more without the risk of being scammed. If everything goes right, the risk of scam is eliminated; however, there is always the risk of being scammed by the 3rd party broker. For this reason, TradeSpot, a site dedicated to stimulating the Ultima Online trade economy, provides a 3rd party service in which our past reputation, which is untarnished by the hint of dishonesty, ensures security for the buyer and the seller of the property.

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II. Questions & Answers:

Q. What is a 3rd party transfer?

A. Ultima Online is a massively multi-player game distributed by EA Mythic. If you didn’t know what Ultima Online is, coming into this FAQ, then you may as well stop reading now, because the rest will be even more confusing.

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Q. What is a 3rd party transfer?

A. At times, within the world of Ultima Online, it is necessary to extend your trust to another player. People have taken advantage of this trust, and therefore most players no longer trust one another. But, if you don’t trust anyone, when a situation where trust is needed arises, you are faced with a problem. 3rd party transfers are a solution to this problem. A 3rd party transfer is essentially an escrow service within the game. The 3rd party broker (see next question) will hold the items for one party involved in the trade, until the remaining party has received the specified items.

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Q. What is a 3rd party broker?

A. A 3rd party broker is one who facilitates a trade between two other players. The broker is a person whose reputation for honesty, professionalism, and ethics encourages the two players to trust him.

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Q. Is there a fee for the 3rd party broker service?

A. TradeSpot brokers charge a minimum 15% fee, with a minimum charge of 150k. The fee is calculated based on the sale price of the property being sold. It’s up to the players involved in the trade to decide who pays the fee—quite often players agree to split the fee.

Where property is being exchanged instead of sold for gold, we will estimate the current market value of the property and base our fee on that estimate. We will always advise you of the fee before the trade takes place so you can decide if you wish to use our services.

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Q. How do 3rd party transfers work?

A. The most common 3rd party transfer involves the sale of a house from one player (the “Seller”) to another (the “Buyer”). Assuming that the Seller and Buyer have agreed to split the fee, here’s how a typical deal might go:

  1. Both the Buyer and the Seller contact the Broker through the ICQ Number listed on the TradeSpot Broker List. Both the Buyer and the Seller need to give complete info on the trade they wish to be brokered. Info should include each person’s ICQ #, Item(s) to be traded, Shard and any other relevant information.
  2. The Broker, Buyer and Seller meet at a pre-arranged bank. The Broker will verify through ICQ that it is the buyer/seller that’s giving/getting the item(s) before any box is checked.
  3. The Broker will always collect item(s) from both players first than after the Broker has possession of both item(s) the Broker will trade to the other party. The only time this should be deviated is for a house trade. It’s likely the broker will take possession of only one house than go with both parties and witness the other house transfer. Once completed the Broker will than transfer the first house.
  4. We prefer to always use ICQ for verifications and not Email due to the risk of forged Email headers.

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Q. How can I contact a TradeSpot 3rd party broker?

A. Contact a TradeSpot Broker by the ICQ Number listed on the TradeSpot Broker List.

TradeSpot Brokers will never make first contact. If someone claiming to be a TradeSpot Broker approaches you he or she is probably a fraud. If you have any doubts about the identity of the person with whom you’re dealing, halt the transaction and send an ICQ to the Broker using our TradeSpot Broker List. If the person cannot speak to you through that ICQ Number than they are not the TradeSpot Broker they claim to be. Take down as much information as you can about that person (so we can warn others) and contact Decadence at ICQ 111891022 ASAP!

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